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The District was formed on December 15, 1988, after a public vote under County Water District Law through Sonoma County LAFCO. As a result of a subsequent public election in November of 1990, the District acquired the existing water supply system from Citizens Utilities Company. (Click here to see the LAFCO enabling resolution.)

The District's water supply comes from wells near the River and the distribution facilities consist of two separate water systems: one in Guerneville with three wells and the other in Monte Rio with two wells.

The District's water distribution system is a result of water lines being installed over the last 100 years. After acquiring the system from Citizens Utilities in 1990, the District has completed several major upgrades to the system and continually plans for future projects to keep the system in good shape.

Today, the Sweetwater Springs Water District serves approximately 3,600 accounts (95% residential) comprised of about 9,000 persons.