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Water Rates

Table 1. Sweetwater Springs Water District Rates for 2023-24
Base Rate, Water Usage Rate, and Capital Debt Reduction Charge

(Per Two-Month Bill)

 Tier 1Tier 2
Water Usage Rate$2.10$4.47

A. Residential Single Family; no meter multiplier

Base RateTier 1 Max Usage (Hcf=748 gal)Tier 2 Max Usage (Hcf=748 gal)Capital Debt Reduction Charge (CDRC)
Any meter size$81.218>8$14.87

B. Residential Multiple Family – Multiple Unit Multiplier is 0.55 for every extra unit; no meter multiplier; charges for 2-4 units below.

Any Meter SizeBase RateTier 1Tier 2CDRC
2 units$125.8812.4>12.4$23.05
3 units$170.5416.8>16.8$31.23
4 units$215.2121.2>21.2$39.41

C. Commercial and Public – meter multiplier based on meter size; no multiple unit multiplier.

Meter Size (in)Base RateTier 1Tier 2CDRC

Table 2. Sweetwater Springs Water District Fees for FY 2022-23*
* This list Includes fees for a typical accountholder, and is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all District fees.

Capacity Charge (For newly constructed water services. Charges listed here are for a 1” residential meter and do not include the costs (time and materials) of actual construction. Larger meters will have a larger capacity charge.)$8152.15
New Account Set-up Fee$50
Late fee (assessed 25 days after billing date if payment is not received)Greater of $5 or 5% of the bill
Delinquency Notice for non-payment$25
Reconnect after turn-off for non-payment                                                  *10 as of 4/14/23$50
Returned check fee$30
Tampering with water meter / Unauthorized water use$150
Customer service fee - Weekdays (assessed when customer calla out District personnel for a problem that is not the District's responsibility)$50. $100 after hours
Customer service fee - Weekends and Holidays$100
Same-day turn-on(assessed when a new customer requests water to be connected the same day)$50. $100 after 3 pm.
Hydrant Meter Rental (Monthly fees are in addition to a $900 refundable deposit and $125 set-up fees)$300/mo. + $4.16/unit of water