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General Manager

John Haig
Interim General Manager


Board of Directors
Sukey Robb-Wilder Director

Elected: 2010
Re-elected Dec. 2018

Term expires: Dec. 2022

Tim Lipinski Financial Coordinator

Elected: 2012

Re-elected Dec. 2020

Term expires: Dec. 2024

Larry Spillane


Appointed: Feb, 2020

Re-elected Dec. 2020

Term expires:Dec. 2024

Gaylord Schaap President

Elected: 2006
Re-elected Dec. 2018

Term expires: Dec. 2022

Gaylord Schaap is a life long resident of Monte Rio and Guerneville. Besides Sweetwater, he is active in the Monte Rio Chamber of Commerce, local civic and youth athletic associations, and is a member of the Russian River Chamber of Commerce. He has a Business Management degree from Sonoma State University, is the General Manager of the Northwood Golf Club in Monte Rio, and maintains an income tax planning and preparation business in Guerneville.

Rich Holmer



Appointed: June 2011
Re-elected Dec. 2018

Term expires: Dec. 2022

Rich Holmer was appointed to the Board in June 2011.  Rich presently lives in Villa Grande where he has owned his home since 1979.  He graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelors degree in Environmental Health Sciences and did one years post graduate study in Environmental Health Sciences at University of California, Berkeley.  Rich worked for the County of Sonoma for 32 years before retiring in 2004.  He started working with the County in the Public Health Department and most recently worked in a management position at the Permit and Resource Management Department, a position which he held for 10 years.  Rich also serves as President of the Board of Directors of the Friends of Villa Grande, a non-profit corporation which owns and manages Patterson Point Preserve in Villa Grande.


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