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Construction Projects (Last updated: 5/18/2015)

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Current Project

Fiscal Year 2016 - Construction Starts June 2015

Replacement of approximately 3,900 ft of existing mainline and 75 services along Canyon 1 Rd., Memory Ln., Memory Park Rd. in Rio Nido

Recently Completed Projects

Fiscal Year 2015 - Construction started June 2014, completed April 2015:

Replacement of 5,800 ft of existing main and appurtenances on Old Monte Rio Road commencing at the Handy Andy Booster and proceeding westerly to the Highway 116 intersection; 50 services, 4 hydrants.

Fiscal Year 2014 - started July 2013, completed May 2014:

  • Hidden Valley Road - Replacement of 3,900 lf of existing main and appurtenances with 67 services, 1 fire hydrant,
  • Guernewood Lane - Replacement  of 1,800 lf of existing main and appurtenances and abandonment of 200 lf of redundant 4–inch main along Hwy 116, with 20 services, 2 fire hydrants.


Fiscal Year 2013 - started July 2012, completed March 2013:

  • Replacement of approximately 1940 ft of main line on Starrett Hill Road in Monte Rio with 25 services and 3 fire hydrants.
  • Replacement of approximately 1440 ft of main line on Lovers Lane in Guernewood Park with 22 services and 2 fire hydrants.
  • Replacement of approximately 1,270 ft of main line on Middle Terrace in Monte Rio with 13 services and 1 fire hydrant, and 
  • Elimination of dead end mains and creation of loops by installing 2,505 lf of new main and appurtenances in Canyon Seven Rd between Sequoia Rd and Paradise Lane in Rio Nido with 31 services and 3 fire hydrants. 

2012 CIP - Started June 2011, Completed December 2011

  • Replacement of approximately 3,100 linear feet of existing main pipe and appurtenances for Western, Eastern and Northern Avenues and Orchard Lane.
  • Installation of 1,000 linear feet of new 8–inch main pipe and appurtenances on Foothill Drive in Monte Rio from B Street northwesterly to end of existing 8–inch main and make connection to other side of Foothill.

Fiscal Year 2011 - Started July 2010 - Completed August 2011

  • Alder Road, Pebble Way, & Heller Street: On River Blvd., Alder Rd., Willow Rd., and Railroad Ave. – Replaced existing mains and appurtenances with approximately 6,000 lf of 6-inch water main, to complete loop. Abandoned 4,500 lf of parallel undersized water main and transferred water services to larger main.
  • Rio Vista Terrace: Replaced 1300 lf of existing main and appurtenances.  Added in September 2010 because of funding available from bid savings on this project and started construction in April 2011.

Fiscal Year 2010 – started April 2010 - Completed July 2011

  • Schoolhouse Tank and Upper Schoolhouse Tank: Construction of a storage tank with a capacity of approximately 65,000 gallons at the top of Bonita Terrace; installed a booster station and connected with replacement reservoir at Upper Schoolhouse site.
  • Bonita Terrace: Replaced 1,500 ft of existing main and appurtences on Bonita Terrace, including ties to Schoolhouse Tank and Delta Way (improvements completed 2009), to create a loop.
  • Handy Andy booster Feed Line: Replaced 300 lf of existing main between Hwy. 116 and the booster pump at Old Monte Rio Road.
  • Riverlands Road (GV): Replaced 1,600 lf of existing main and appurtenances.
tank replacement

Fiscal Year 2009 - Started September 2008 - Completed Spring 2009

  • Monte Vista and Mesa Grande Terrace: Replaced 4,500’ of main line and upgrade fire protection
  • Southeastern side of the Terraces: Replaced 3,900’ of main line and allow for fire protection
  • Riverside Drive: Replaced 1,600 lf of main
  • East Guernewood Road: Replaced 1,150 lf of existing main between Neeley Road and the Summer Crossing.
  • Camino del Arroyo: Replaced segment at creek crossing. Replaced pipe was old concrete-asbestos pipe that crossed the creek unprotected.

Past Projects:

  • Lover’s Lane: Replaced 280’ of main line (April 2008)
  • Monte Vista Terrace: Replaced 200’ of main for County project (Jan 2008)
  • Hwy. 116 at Church St: Relocated water main for Cal Trans project (Jan 2008)
  • Center St., Villa Grande: Replaced 275’ of main line (Completed FY 2007-08)
  • Merry Lane: Replaced 300’ of main line (Completed FY 2007-08)
  • Orchard Lane: Replaced 120’ of main line (Completed FY 2007-08)
  • Western Ave.: Replaced 140’ of main line (Completed FY 2007-08)
  • Orchard Ave.: Replaced 120’ of main line (Completed FY 2006-07)
  • Old Cazadero Road: Replaced 275’ of main line (Completed FY 2006-07)
  • Replaced Crespo Tank (Completed November 2007)
  • Buttner Ave: Replaced 500’ main line (Completed July 2007)
  • Center Street: Relocated 275’ of main line (Completed July 2007)
  • Hwy. 116 east of Monte Rio (Completed FY 2006-07): Replaced 1,900’ of main line
  • Hwy. 116 at Foothill Blvd (Completed FY 2006-07): Replaced 250’ of main line
  • Guerne Way (Completed FY 2005-06): Replaced 400’ of main line
  • Beach Avenue (Completed FY 2004-05): Replaced 410’ of main line
  • Melody Avenue (Completed FY 2004-05): Replaced 900’ of main line
  • CIP Phase III-B (Completed July 2004)
    • Installation of the Guerneville Treatment Plant
    • Installation of hypo chlorite generating systems at both Highland and Monte Rio Treatment plants
    • Installation of a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system
    • Replacement of 6930’ of main line in Guerneville and 2150’ of main line in Monte Rio
    • Replacement/upgrade of tanks at Highland and Monte Rosa
    • Booster station improvements at Monte Rosa, Park Ave. And Summit Ave.
  • CIP Phase III-A (Completed October, 2003)
    • Replacement of 7,000’ feet of main in Guerneville – including downtown Guerneville -- and 14,900’ of main in Monte Rio
    • Addition of 22 hydrants




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